For Collision Repair, Why Select a Certified Subaru Body Shop?

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If the unthinkable happens and your vehicle is damaged in a collision or other mishap, Subaru owners need to be aware that fixing the damage isn’t just a matter of making cosmetic repairs to the surface. The resale value and, more importantly, the safety of the vehicle are highly dependent on who makes the repair, and how well.

Subarus are design and engineering marvels. Depending on the severity of the damage, the functionality, drivability, and safety features of the vehicle can be compromised. That is why it is always a good idea to have certified Subaru body shop look at any damage, no matter how seemingly minor. That way, at the very least, you will preserve your vehicle’s factory warranty.

When Accidents Happen

First and foremost, make sure your Subaru receives the highest level of collision repair. The following video guide walks you through all the steps, from dealing with your insurance company to choosing a Subaru Certified Collision Center to repair your vehicle.

But what makes a certified Subaru body shop so special when it comes to repairing your vehicle? Here are the main reasons.

Expert Technicians Trained by Experts

Let’s face it, auto body repair is an unregulated industry. If any mechanic off the street can work on your vehicle, what guarantee do you have that it will be a quality repair? That’s why Subaru demands that all certified collision repair centers—like Keri Coach Works—have earned industry-leading I-CAR Gold Class certification to be in the Subaru Collision Repair Network. That is how you know the technician tasked with repairing your vehicle has been trained to the highest industry standards.

Ongoing Repair Training

The engineers who developed the procedures for proper Subaru repairs regularly revisit their work and post updates to the repair manuals. The repair technicians at certified Subaru body shops are expected to follow these exacting procedures on every vehicle they work on, no matter how minor the damage. They may even be called in for in-person training on certain procedures.

The Right Tool for the Right Job

The engineering and materials that go into today’s Subaru vehicles are constantly advancing and evolving. And that means the tools and equipment required to repair those vehicles are also advancing and evolving. Subaru annually evaluates members of their certified collision repair network to ensure their technicians are using the latest tools, equipment, and procedures to properly repair all Subaru vehicle models.

Repair Quality Audits

Because Subaru is committed to customer safety and satisfaction, they go to great lengths to ensure collision repairs are done correctly. To achieve this ideal, every Subaru Certified Body Shop must submit to a thorough collision repair audit once a year to review the quality of the repair work performed and to make sure the technicians are following the safety protocols built into the repair procedures.

Multi-point Safety Inspection

Before leaving the repair bay, your vehicle will undergo a thorough—and mandatory—safety inspection of your vehicle to make sure the structural integrity of the car has been maintained and all occupant safety systems are in perfect working order.

When a collision center is selected to join the certified Subaru body shop network, it is clear that they have made a commitment to customer service and quality repair. To that end, they make a significant investment in purchasing the proper tools and equipment for that purpose as well as underwriting professional training for their technicians. Thanks to Subaru’s ongoing performance reviews, you can be assured that top-quality repair is the number one priority of Keri Coach Works, in Westbury, Long Island.

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