Unique EV Features That Only Certified Tesla Auto Shops Can Tackle


We will begin this blog on Tesla auto shops by talking about the vehicle brand’s eponymous tutelary genius. In the span of an astonishing yet under-appreciated career, it is well known that Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla achieved a number of remarkable “firsts”:

  • First to invent the alternating current (AC) motor
  • First to develop AC generation and transmission technology
  • First to file a U.S. patent (in 1884) for the electric arc lamp
  • First to invent the Tesla coil, an induction device widely used in radio technology and for creating artificial lightning
  • First to speculate that a very strong high-frequency signal might be used to develop a radar system (later inspiring Émile Girardeau, who helped develop France’s first radar system in the 1930s)
  • First to install water-driven power machinery at Niagara Falls, which carried electricity to Buffalo by 1896
  • First to photograph a subject (his friend Mark Twain) lit by phosphorescent light
  • Tesla may well have produced the first x-ray photo (before Wilhelm Röntgen!) in the U.S. when he attempted to use a vacuum tube to obtain that aforementioned image of Mark Twain.
  • While Tesla did not invent fluorescent or neon lights, he did creat the first neon sign.
  • He also built a wireless-controlled boat, one of the first-ever exhibited.

In addition, during the 05/27/2017 edition of NPR’s Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!, fans of the comedy–news–quiz show learned this fascinating—and considerably less well-known—“first” factoid about Nikola Tesla: he was one of the invited attendees at the first party ever to feature a scantily clad female jumping out of a cake!

On May 20, 1895, 16-year-old Susie Johnson, wearing nothing but gauze and haloed by a flock of live canaries, burst through the crust of a giant pie. It was polo player John Elliot Cowdin’s 10th wedding anniversary, and the dinner was lavish: 16 courses from clams to coffee, each punctuated by champagne.…Illustrator Charles Dana Gibson, creator of the Gibson girl, was there; so was inventor Nicola Tesla.

Girl in the Pie Cartoon
The Girl in the Pie (Source)


If only all surprises in life were that zingy! Unfortunately, the rude surprises, like a sudden illness or a car collision, can throw us terribly off course. While visible car damage, like overt physical symptoms, make repairs and treatment relatively easy, less evident internal damage in humans and complex machines alike is much harder to pin down. In a Tesla automobile, with its futuristic moveable feast of advanced tech, a forceful impact can compromise sensitive electronics, safety features, and on-board computer functions. In that event, it is imperative to have your car inspected by a certified Tesla auto shop like Keri Coach Works in Westbury, New York.

Think of the diagnostic process at Keri Coach Works like the medical pod in the film Elysium that identifies all anomalies in the body with a single scan. Once the certified auto shop technicians identify the collision damage, they conduct intensive repairs for worry-free functioning and passenger safety, and thereby maintain the Tesla warranty. Friendly reminder: the Tesla warranty is valid only if collision repairs are performed by a certified Tesla auto shop.

Like surgeons in the medical field, Keri Coach technicians undergo rigorous training at the Tesla factory in Freemont, California, to learn the necessary skills to repair a damaged Tesla. They are equipped with the knowledge and tools to address every issue, from the basic aesthetics to the intricate tech using only OEM replacement parts. Our technicians are regularly evaluated to ensure they stay abreast of all the new features and updates of all Tesla vehicles.

Depending on their vanity level, drivers of high-end cars usually address cosmetic repairs in their own good time—but Tesla is not just another luxury car with a beautiful body. In the world we live in, having a bioweapon defense mode in your Tesla could well prove to be life-preserving. It may be the very reason you invested in a Tesla in the first place! Imagine your distress as you drive past a rural pig farm if the mode is no longer functional because you let a random, untrained mechanic fix a seemingly minor fender bender on your Tesla vehicle. Or that your beloved pooch overheated in the July heat because, unbeknownst to you, the vehicle’s “dog mode” was disabled after a Hummer driver decided to run a stop sign while you were in the middle of a Long Island intersection.

If you decide to take a road trip down south this summer, and you park your Tesla in an exceptionally tight parking spot at the ultra-modern St. Pete Pier in Florida, you know the sentry mode—with eight external cameras, and 12 ultrasonic sensors—will instantly register any dents inflicted by cars flanking your vehicle. Technicians at a Tesla auto shop will not only restore the external damage, but they will run the diagnostics on the entire car to make sure all its cool features are in prime working order.

A certified Tesla auto shop like Keri Coach Works is the only mechanic establishment that has the expertise and the equipment to keep your Tesla in mint condition, inside and out. Even when you go in with a minor dent, they will check that all the safety features are fully functional—along with Fart mode (which always makes the kids giggle), the Caraoke player (which takes the edge off on a difficult day at work), and all the other fun bells and whistles!