The Most Common Types of Collision Damage a BMW Auto Shop Encounters

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Ask any BMW owner to describe in one word the #1 reason why they prefer to drive that make of car, odds are they will answer with the word: Performance. Which should come as no surprise. Inside and outside, the vehicle is meticulously engineered. When you sit down in the driver’s seat, it just feels right. After that, once you’ve started it up and begin driving, you immediately begin to notice those little pleasing performance features that make driving a BMW so special. The responsive feel of the steering wheel is a case in point. The car turns exactly as you expect it, due in part to the vehicle’s exquisitely balanced weight distribution, which makes the car’s performance feel predictable, stable, and safe when turning.

Then ask that same driver to describe—in one word—how they themselves feel when driving a BMW, and odds are they will tell you it feels fun. From the comfort of the seats, to the smooth and predictable turning, to the quietness of the ride, to the countless little amenities, and much, much more, everything about BMW screams FUN!

Not to rain on anybody’s parade, but the only thing not fun about this “ultimate driving machine” is when it is damaged in a collision or other mishap and must be brought into a BMW auto shop (certified, of course!) for repair. Here is a run-down of the most typical types of BMW damage we see at Keri Coach Works, your certified Long Island BMW auto body repair shop, conveniently located in Westbury, New York.

Fender Benders

BMW fender bender

This very common type of accident often results in small, superficial (sometimes almost imperceptible) dents or scratches to the front or rear bumper or fender. True to their respective names, a bumper is designed to be literally bumped, and a fender is designed to fend off the force of collision away from the main body of the vehicle. In either case, the intent is to absorb the primary destructive energy of the collision impact and direct it away from the fragile human beings inside.

In the case of more forceful fender benders, the component may be bent out of shape, cracked, dislocated, misaligned, or even entirely separated from the vehicle. In the worst-case scenario, the vehicle’s frame may be bent, thereby compromising the vehicle’s structural integrity and affecting its overall performance and passenger safety.

Other Cosmetic Damage

BMW body damage, dents, dings

Dents and cracks in other parts of the vehicle’s body, as well as surface scratches in the paint, are also quite common. These, however, are not always caused by collisions with other cars or objects. They can occur through weather events (e.g., hail), falling tree limbs, malicious vandalism, etc. However minor they may appear, it is important to have them checked and repaired by a certified BMW auto shop, as rust can take hold in the damaged area and spread, leading to a more expensive repair job down the road and lowering your car’s resale value.

Major Collision Damage

BMW collision damage

This is a no-brainer. Often the collision will cause the air bags to deploy, and damage to the vehicle is severe and obvious to the naked eye. The car may not even be drivable until it is repaired. More importantly, if the car can still be operated after the collision, be mindful of the hidden damage the accident can cause. Everything may seem fine—for a while. But then you may experience electrical system failures, on-board computer glitches, mechanical issues due to bent or broken components in the underbody, oil filter and other fluid leaks, and so on.

All of these instances of out-of-sight-out-of-mind damage can accelerate wear and tear on the vehicle, leading to even worse long-term damage over time and eventually super-expensive repairs.

So if your BMW is involved in an accident or suffers any kind of collision damage or other mishap, don’t take a chance. Have the expert BMW auto shop repair technicians at Keri Coach Works take a look. You can trust us to take care of all your BMW repair needs—and you’ll sleep easy at night.