The Sheer Pleasure of—BMW Certified Body Shop Repair

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Although this blog is really about getting your BMW repaired at a BMW certified body shop like Keri Coach Works, it really won’t make much sense unless you know what it’s like to drive a BMW. But here are some clues.

If you were to ask any BMW owner to characterize the driving experience in their German-made vehicle using just a single word, chances are that word would be “joy.” As it happens, the way to say “joy” in German is with the word Freude—which also happens to be one of the main components of the car company’s 57-year-old slogan, “Freude am fahren.” It’s a slogan with staying power, since it has been translated into numerous languages, including:

  • English: “Sheer driving pleasure”
  • French: “Le plaisir de conduire
  • Italian: “Piacere di guidare
  • Spanish: “El placer de conducer
  • Romanian: “Placerea de a conduce
  • Etc.

However you choose to say it, those few words encapsulate perfectly and succinctly the feeling that comes over you when you drive a BMW. Dubbed “The Ultimate Driving Machine,” BMWs stand out from the crowd. Yet it’s hard to point to one single feature of the car that makes it stand out. It’s not just the superb engineering or the sporty look, but rather something greater than the sum of its individual features.

BMW model M3

Sure, there’s luxury galore. Going from 0 to 60 in just a few seconds is all well and good. Model choice and fuel options are second-to-none. Road handling is perfection itself. And what driver doesn’t appreciate the myriad safety systems built into the vehicle? But at the end of the day, it all comes down to the car maker’s exquisite attention to detail. And by “detail” we mean the smallest detail that almost everyone else overlooks.

If you study the reviews, you’ll start to see a pattern emerge. Time after time, reviewers mention the same thing: the perfect sound the car door makes when you close it—somewhere between a deeply satisfying click and a comforting thump that communicates a combination of safety and precision. If the designers pay that much attention to the acoustics, you can be sure they’re on top of every other aspect of the vehicle!

Which Brings Us Back to BMW Certified Body Shops

If the unthinkable happens and your beloved BMW suffers damage from a collision, extreme weather, or other unexpected mishap, does that mean the much vaunted BMW driving pleasure stops?

Not when you bring the vehicle to Keri Coach Works in Westbury, New York.

Let’s face it: no matter how good the driver, accidents do happen sometimes. Minor dents or dings, or even more serious collision damage, should not detract from the joy of driving your BMW. As a member in good standing of the nationwide network of BMW Certified Collision Repair Centers, and with over 35 years of vehicle repair experience, Keri Coach Works has few equals when it comes to restoring your BMW to its original specifications.

Don’t be fooled by the term “auto body.” While that implies we look to repair only the surface imperfections, nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is, damage caused by an accident can run deep and out of sight, to the extent that it could affect the complex electronics, sensitive safety systems, and structural integrity of the vehicle overall, thereby compromising the performance of your BMW.

Technicians at BMW Certified Collision Repair Centers like Keri Coach Works have the technology, tools, equipment, training, and expertise to find any hidden damage beneath the surface and ensure your BMW is repaired correctly.

And once you and your good-as-new vehicle leave our BMW Certified Body Shop, sheer driving pleasure will be yours once again.