A Ford-certified Auto Body Repair Shop Looks Back on the Evolution of the F-150 Truck [Infographic]

Having been in the autobody repair business for over 35 years, Keri Coach Works has seen its fair share of Ford trucks, including F-150s. The first ever Ford truck, the Model TT, was unveiled over 100 years ago, in 1917. They have always been popular, and Ford has not stopped building them. Here is what that first Ford truck looked like:

Introducing the Ford F-Series

With the introduction of the first F-Series model in 1980, however, Ford really hit its stride. Keri Coach Works can attest to that fact, since we are almost as old as the oldest Ford F-series truck! Because we work on them on a regular basis, we understand perfectly the reason that, since 1977, the F-Series has remained the best-selling pickup truck line in the United States, not to mention the highest-selling vehicle overall since 1981. There is no simpler way to put it: they are well built, powerful, reliable, handsome-looking machines.

Ford F-150: A Masterpiece of Engineering

But there is one other factor that accounts for the popularity of the F-150 line: Ford’s constant improvements and innovations on the technology, engineering, design, and materials that go into the manufacture of these trucks. To get you up to speed on how the F-Series Ford trucks have changed over the years, have a look at this handy infographic we have prepared, “Evolution of the Ford F–150 Truck” (from 1980 to the present day). This includes the Lightning EV, which has gotten a lot of press lately.

(Click on this image to download a printable PDF of the infographic.)

Evolution of the Ford F-150 truck infographic
(Click on this image to download a printable PDF of our “Evolution of the Ford F-150 Truck” infographic.)

This video gives even more detail on the evolution of the Ford F-150 truck:

The last model on the infographic list is the most exciting in our memory. We wrote about the all-electric Lightning in a blog last July (“A Ford F-150 Repair Shop Game Changer”). Besides having a battery instead of a fuel tank, the vehicle also boasts dual-motor configurations, mobile power generation, “hands-free” driver assist options, and over-the-air software updates, among other conveniences. “The truck that’s been innovating on behalf of Americans for more than a century is now electrified,” Ford boasted at their grand Lightning Live Reveal extravaganza last May:

Keeping Up with the Future of the Ford-150

While Ford truck fans have been salivating over this vehicle since then, the Ford F-150 Lightning orders will finally open in January 2022, and the first trucks will arrive in the spring. We can’t wait! And in the meantime, rest assured that our repair technicians at Keri Coach Works will be receiving the specialized training required to properly repair these futuristic vehicles in the event of collision or other auto body damage. Will we be able to keep current with these innovations? You betcha! As we wrote last year…

Keri Coach technicians already have a wealth of experience in repairing and maintaining a range of EVs. They receive in-depth training as mandated for appropriate certification. And when Ford rolls out new engineering, Keri Coach technicians will be trained and equipped with the requisite tools, parts, and skills to restore all models of Ford EVs. From autobody repair of dents and dings to checking the onboard scale sensors that approximate payload on the Lightning, our competent team members will ensure your Lightning will never lose its thunder!