Our BMW Certified Body Shop Ramps Up to Service New EVs

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BMW headquarters in Munich, Germany
BMW Headquarters, Munich, Germany

Designed by Austrian architect Karl Schwanzer, the BMW headquarters building in Munich, Germany, suggests the shape of four vertical cylinders in a car engine, while the neighboring museum structure represents a cylinder head. For almost 50 years this skeuomorphic high-rise has stood as an architectural landmark in the Bavarian capital, paying homage to the petrol-fueled engineering that drove the company’s success and made it one of the premier luxury and high-performance automakers in the world. At this legendary location, new BMW buyers receive the royal treatment, complete with airport pickup, a four-course meal prepared by celebrated chef Bobby Brauer, a tour of the BMW museum and assembly line, an interactive experience of the futuristic technology in the pipeline, and a full tank of gas when they drive away in their freshly minted BMW.

Long ago BMW established itself as a leading car manufacturer in the realm of vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. But the company has seen the writing on the wall. Aligned with the current momentum favoring sustainable engineering, the BMW plant in Leipzig is believed to run on 100% renewable energy. More importantly, carmakers such as Tesla and Nissan have plowed the way for all electric vehicles by other carmakers, establishing a viable business model for manufacturing cars powered solely by electricity. And that includes BMW.

It’s getting to be a crowded field now. Following their lead, other notable car manufacturers such as Audi, Jaguar, Porsche, Mercedes, and Volkswagen (whose ID.4 crossover was crowned 2021 World Car of the Year)—along with companies like Hyundai and Kia—have taken on the task of integrating sustainable, environmentally friendly technologies into their vehicles. As consumers across the globe, including drivers in China and India, pay heed to greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants, the race to manufacture EVs will only continue to accelerate.

“2021 Is Truly the Year of the EV”

Based on the impressive EV lineup featured in the video above, the race is on. BMW’s own recent forays into sustainable power show how seriously the company is taking its efforts to outmaneuver its competitors and push ahead of the pack.

Located at The Grove in the heart of Los Angeles, [ SPACE ] by BMW is a two-story, gallery-inspired exhibit where guests can explore the latest evolution of BMW performance, innovation, and design—including the next generation of electric. This immersive BMW brand experience is slated to open its gates to visitors from June 4 through November 30, 2021. It is here, according to a report in Autoweek, that BMW will debut two new electric vehicles: the iX Sports Activity Vehicle and i4 Gran Coupé. Both models are scheduled to roll out in early 2022, with pre-orders beginning on June 1.

BMW i8 hybrid getting recharged
BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports car

The Next Generation of Electric

The BMW i4 is an electric four-door sedan that aims to give the Tesla Model 3 a run for its money. You can review the competition below and make up your own mind.

The range-topping version of the BMW i4 will feature a 523 bhp electric drivetrain with a maximum range of 367 miles. A sportier take on the i4 is also expected soon, with an M Performance version in the works.

Robert Irlinger, head of BMW’s i division, acknowledges the competition—specifically, Tesla, Audi, and Mercedes—and their endeavors to provide customers with the comfort of long-range battery life and the power of acceleration. The i4 possesses fifth-generation eDrive electric motors powered by an 80 kWh battery pack, mounted low in the car’s chassis. The battery and machinery have been designed to be lightweight—weighing about 1,212 lbs. (550 kgs).

The i4 clocks in at four seconds to go from 0 to 62 mph and reportedly can reach a top speed of over 124 mph. The i4’s electric systems feature BMW’s latest charging technology, which, like the Audi e-Tron, supports rapid charging: about an 80% charge from empty in just over half an hour.

The iX SUV crossover is expected to hit 62 mph in less than 5.0 seconds. The EV is templated on the fundamental D+ACES strategy (Design, Automated Driving, Connectivity, Electrification, and Services). Sustainability plays into all aspects of the EV: optimized aerodynamics, lightweight design, and recycled and natural materials to fashion the interiors. This eagerly anticipated EV’s MSRP will fall in the mid-$80,000 price range.

Where to Find a BMW Certified Body Shop on Long Island

For those who revel in handling a performance vehicle while hugging tight bends and blazing across long flat stretches, a BMW is a “movable feast.” Indeed, if Hemingway were a carmaker instead of a gifted novelist, he would likely have crafted a sleek, modern BMW instead of compelling books! A marvel of machinery, a BMW does indeed proffer the ultimate driving experience.

And while it does not require much attention, do not make the mistake of thinking it is totally invincible. Accidents happen. In the event your electric BMW is involved in a fender bender or other accident that damages its exterior, it is imperative that you take your vehicle to a BMW-certified body shop for expert repair. In Westbury on Long Island, New York, Keri Coach repair technicians are fully trained and certified to repair dents and dings to a BMW EV—and to address more serious hidden damages in a collision.

The frame of an EV does more than house the engine and the passengers. The body itself is, in a way, a fuel system that plays an integral role in powering a vehicle. A minor dent is more than an eyesore—it impacts the performance and safety of the car. Repairing external damage, however seemingly small, to a BMW EV involves much more than making merely cosmetic repairs. A BMW certified body shop can ensure the vehicle’s proper and complete restoration—from complex circuit boards to overall framework.

At Keri Coach, we have a stellar track record when it comes to repairing BMWs of any type, and we are all geared up for the newest line of EVs.

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