Ford vs. Tesla [Infographic]

Ford Truck and Tesla Cybertruck

Can you imagine a greater contrast than that between vehicles from Ford Motors and those from Tesla, Inc.? With the dates of their respective foundings (1903 and 2003) separated by exactly 100 years, the two companies together in many respects encapsulate the full gamut of vehicle design and engineering evolution since the beginning of the automobile industry to the present day.

And what an evolution! From steel construction, gasoline-powered combustion, and hand-cranked ignition to aluminum auto bodies, electricity for fuel, and keyless startup, the two companies recount a gripping narrative of the past and future of the automobile.

In the case of Ford, of course, their vehicles have advanced far beyond the original Model T. Building on that solid foundation of innovation, Tesla has taken that torch and run with it. While the two companies share certain characteristics, they are also very different, both in company culture and in the types of vehicles they produce. The infographic below shines a light on some of those differences.

(Click on this image to download a printable PDF of the infographic.)

Keri Coach Works Ford versus Tesla

If you want to see a real “Ford vs. Tesla” contest, check out this video of a tug-of-war between a Ford F-150 and a Tesla Cybertruck.

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