Honda versus Acura [Infographic]

Honda and Acura automobiles

You may or may not know that Japanese car maker Honda also owns the Acura brand. That being the case, it should come as no surprise that, superficially at least, the Honda and Acura lineups bear some striking similarities. Indeed, some people say they are indistinguishable. Though Acura cars incorporate some of the same parts used in equivalent Honda models, and are manufactured to Honda levels of quality, the main difference is that Hondas are built for functionality whereas Acuras are built for luxurious comfort. Thus, Acura offers features not automatically available in Honda cars, such as more built-in entertainment options and power seats that can be heated or cooled.

The infographic below will help explain some of the main differences between the two types of vehicles.

(Click on this image to download a printable PDF of the infographic.)

Honda vs. Acura Infographic

The one area where the two types of vehicles run neck-and-neck is in the area of safety. Rest assured, neither Honda nor Acura skimp on their safety features. Nearly all models of both makes perform exceptionally well in crash testing.

Again, this should come as no surprise. Honda and Acura have very similar safety systems, dubbed “Honda Sensing” and “AcuraWatch,” respectively. Both are a suite of advanced safety features, including forward-collision avoidance, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and automatic high beams. All models of both types come with a backup camera, and all are available with blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert.

Nevertheless, even the most advanced and “smartest” technologies can never fully eradicate the possibility of accidents. For that reason, Honda is committed to providing safety for drivers and passengers not just in the way their cars are engineered and built, but in the way they are repaired after a collision.

For Honda, it’s not enough merely to restore the surface cosmetic appearance of a damaged automobile to “like new” condition; nowadays, a professional body shop needs to maintain the underlying safety integrity of the vehicle as well.

To meet this need, Honda has developed their ProFirst Certified program, by which qualified body shops are independently validated for their training, methodology, tools and equipment, customer satisfaction, and of course knowledge and skills in repairing Honda and Acura automobiles.

Keri Coach Works meets or exceeds all the qualifications that a body shop must attain to become a certified Honda/Acura auto body repair shop.

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