Keri Coach Is Now a BMW Certified Collision Repair Center

I am so obsessed with the cars that sometimes I feel like my heart is not a muscle, it’s an engine.
― Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

Keri Coach Works’ promise to our customers is commitment to providing exceptional auto body collision repair for all makes and models of vehicles. Exceptional service requires evolution. Our growth is directly related to that promise to our customers. Which means that we’re proud to announce that we’ve joined the newly expanded network of BMW Certified Collision Repair Centers. These centers have no equal when it comes to restoring your BMW to its original specifications.

Owning a BMW is not simply a financial investment. It’s an emotional investment. Your heart has a direct connection to that engine. Maybe you’ve always been a proud BMW owner. Or maybe your BMW is your first luxury vehicle. The car you’ve always dreamed of owning. BMW is not just a car, it’s a lifestyle. And to preserve that lifestyle, you take care of your BMW. You’re careful about where you park. You’re a conscientious driver. But no matter how responsible you might be, some things are out of your control. You have a minor or major accident. And that’s when you need Keri Coach Works.

certified bmw collision repair

When that stressful unfortunate accident happens, you want the best care possible for your BMW. You want to know that the repair is completed by someone who knows your car inside and out. What may look to you like a minor ding or dent, may possibly infiltrate your vehicle’s integrity and/or safety systems. We all know that cars are much more complex than they used to be. Gone are the days when one could almost stand inside the engine compartment and self-repair with a handful of tools and a rubber mallet. You need someone who will restore your confidence that your BMW will be repaired expertly. Keri Coach Works’ new certification enables our skilled technicians to locate any problem, above or below the surface.

The Certified Difference:

  • Original BMW Parts
  • BMW Trained Technicians
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • BMW approved repair procedures
  • Certified results

The accident may have been out of your control, but your decision as to where your BMW is repaired is yours to make. What you want for your treasured BMW is a Certified Collision Repair Center, like Keri Coach Works, who through the best and up-to-date technology, tools, equipment and expertise will reassure you that your BMW will still be as beautiful as the day you became a proud owner.

When you are back behind the wheel, you’ll have confidence that inside and out, your BMW is restored to its best condition. And you can continue to enjoy driving your dream car with the pride of BMW ownership.